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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  February 8, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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seats. that's why the stocks are cheap. the etf is up 10% by the closing ceremony. >> jonas, it's brown water. i'm a bear. >> well, they say that timing is everything. wondering if anything pushing the latest warming rules from the white house bother taking a look outside, any windows at the white house. i'm kneel cavuto. talk about awkward timing. the white house announcing the latest climate change, executive action in the middle of the whiteout, setting up new climate hubs to help farmers and soon others. it sounds like taxpayers are on the end of another snow job. what do you think? >> first of all, it's $150
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billion and counting. you know, i find it interesting, okay, the administration says, climate change, it creates floods, droughts, pest and infant stations. farmers are saying, wow, we never had to build this before. what can you do for us? come on, it's the craziest thing in the world. they will set up these hubs, they will slosh around. do federal agencies, universities and non-government organizations, it sounds like another big time cash free for all for all the friends. >> i think the white house is trying to ask the state of the union trying to look like it's doing something, but in the state of the union and their policys to this day, i don't know why they aren't focusing on like natural gas and the shale boom. >> well, they have a lot of gas. >> it's not the kind you can fire a power plant with. happy emissions in a coal plant, they seem so fixated on solar
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and wind and talking about climate change rather than really championing the energy boom in this country. it just boggles the mind. >> picking and choosing. >> we have very high unemployment. we have problems in this country. this is what they waste their time on. it's difficult to know what a hub looks like, adam, can you help me with this? >> adam, what is a hub? what is this stuff? >> plastics. i don't know any better what a hub is than you do. what i know is i don't think they're wasting tear time. digging, first of all, the energy boom doesn't need championing, i can't say that as easily as you do. it doesn't need to be championed. it's doing just fine. what needs to be championed are other ways of fighting global warming, which is real and that's really the conversation you seem to be having. >> i am not, i didn't think
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that's anti-scientific. >> i take offense. >> but what makes you think any of these hub things are going to work? it sounds like stupid, doesn't it? >> i don't disagree they're forming up a bit. i know it was marketed years ago as global warming. when it didn't look leak we were having as many warm winters, they call it climate change. to put this on demand for this phenomenon. they must fix it and pay trillions to fix it. >> more specifically, when man. by the way, i'll take off my costume and show you how it looks. >> anyway. >> i can't help it. >> listen, it's a money grab to
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your time, we had weather, up, down, cold periods, dinosaurs are wiped out. automobiles didn't exist. pan didn't exist. it's all fawn sensical. we keep scaring the men as much as possible. we lose and take place at the same. >> the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide is china. they always pick all the united states. it's an issue of how you reduce emissions, natural gas powered power plant. we are doing it faster and cheaper than europe that they have to pull back because it costs so much money. >> look. i want to take the joking out of it. i really believe you do your thing. you are, the position you are representing here is you are anti-progress. we created automobiles.
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>> homes are progress? >> so we added safety features. >> let him finish. >> fewer people are dying from it. my point is, man is creating a lot of these problems. not all of them. so we should do what we can. >> hubs are the answer. >> it sounds so insane. >> redistribution of money will clearly climate. this is what i don't get. raising my taxes will disappoint. it always comes down to that to spending something on something. it gets redistributed into the pockets of people. it doesn't change your facts, adam, not mine. >> to suggest it's purely environment. this is not pure scenes, this is a political movement, adam. you know it. they manipulate the numbers all the time. so it's hard to believe exactly
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everything that they say because they manipulate so much to push the agenda. >> come on, do you really think -- >> i didn't want this to get to be a global warping debate. so i will end it here at this point. it is not going to be a global warming debate. apparently, it is not stopping, new allegations the irs is still targeting conservatives in its sights. now what does the agency want to do? hand out millions in bonuses. up next, forget about big brother looking at your e-mails. how about big labor?
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♪ ♪ ♪ abe! get in! punch it! [ male announcer ] let quicken loans help you save your money with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze. thanks, "g." >> good morning. we are live from america's new headquarters. i'm jamie colby. we are now learning more about the alleged hijacker who tried to divert a plane to sochi. he's a 45-year-old ukrainian man arrested in istanbul after claiming he had a bomb on board. he was tricked and the plane landed in istanbul instead.
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reports say the man is pushing for the release of anti-government prisoners in the ukraine. meanwhile, america's drone program may be in jeopardy. the pentagon is reporting it is exploring other options while afghan president refuses to sign a security pack. they will be forced to close the military bases including the one that launches drones to places such as pakistan and yemen. i will send you back now to cavuto on business. keep it right here and on fox >> an e-mail hack attack, not from hackers, from unions. plo posing rules for the force companies to hand over lists of worker e-mails an phone numbers. to groups that want to unionize them >> you know, this goes beyond your tippal national labor board. this is reaching into a business
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and taking valuable information an using it against that very business. they got around before be on a technicality. this is scary stuff for business. we wonder why the economy is not moving. >> is it scary, adam? >> no, it's not scary. we are talking about a small force. >> minimum wage solution. >> maybe the solution to u solution is to require the companies to send out these e-mails on behalf of the unions, which i agree is kind of stechy. but the point here is to give the unions the ability to organize, not to thwart them. >> no, it's meant to give the unions a leg up in organizing, year over year, the percentage of workers in a union has been stagnant. it's not changing. under the obama administration. >> what do e-mails do? >> they send out a blast e-mail.
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will they limit how many they can send? >> can they choose them or against them for anybody? >> it's for anybody. >> it seems like an insane invasion of privacy what good is it going to do? help in organizing this thing? >> how is th union guys going out in the parking lot? >> it makes it easier. it's a lot easier to get in touch with somebody and focus your pitch you can hound them. are there littles a union can send a potential employee? >> companies feel they run the show. >> you know, charlie sort of said what happened when the guys come out. you can talk? there's ways you can talk to
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people an pitch them and sway them to your side. the sort of tilts the balance. you have to wonder, what's next? you have to be worried as a business. >> come on. if you get into my business? >> listen, i'm a unique guy. >> you are a union guy now. >> you grew up in a union house. >> you know union membership has declined. is there any smack of trying to change the rules so you can reverse it? >> it's designed to sort of boost enrollment to the democrats? there are also delays, a legal calgary by the employer until after the union vote. so it will speed up the elections. all of this is manet to make it easier to organize the company and make the union. >> look. the bottom line is management
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has the advantage. they have the upper hand. they always have that's the whole history of the labor relations. >> it depends on your skill. few want to work at wal-mart the rest of your life, management has something over you. if you have a skill that you can mark, no, it doesn't. >> that's union membership declined to the degree it has. it can't be bosses strangleing their workers. what's accounting for that? >> there is sa wide variety of movement, from the move away from the traditional industry that they dominated and on and on. we can discuss it for a long time. >> one major reason. it talks too much to work here. unions have grimp driven up. as a person that loves unions, they put the automobile business basically out of business. >> and airlines. >> you know it did. why are jobs moving out of san francisco? thousands of jobs?
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>> it's too costly to work in san francisco. unions vnd a lot of others. >> that has nothing to do with labor unions, charlie. >> it has to do with the cost of putting people there. >> the bottom line, it could get some traction unions feel they make this a real goal, companies would be pressured to change the rules to allow it. charles is saying what would be next and are we going to have to really succumb to union demands in a political environment? it makes it difficult to not to. where do you think this will go? >> the business community will fight this decision by this move. >> that it will cost jobs, right? >> it might not be legal as well. >> that would be one of the arguments. but again, they are stacked three democrats to majorities right now t. other parts have bent over backwards to help
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unions organize companies that aren't right now and it hasn't moved the needle in terms of the percent annual of union jobs. >> it does get out the votes in the end. >> it's a major vote get ter yo understand why the administration is doing it? >> when car icon sets you in his sights. get set for a lot of sleepless nights. carl stakes the stage. apple announced it is busy buying back a lot of its share just as big investor carl icon demanded. icon is not going. so what is he thinking? rarely you catch him for an inperson face-to-face. that takes place next week. they fear most, shows up not on the phone, in the flesh on this
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set to layout what carl fears the most this is tuesday, your world, 4:00 p.m. on fox business, the raider prepared to let it rip here and only here. up next, see what the president is signing right here. hug. not so much for you. something is fishy or should i say catfishy? because this one stinks. dc 4 turned upsidedown
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. >> coming up, think fast.
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i know hill . i know him. anyway, signed, squealed and sadly delivered. it's so much pork it will make you puke and we're not talking actual pork. wouldn't you know pigs have to take a back seat to sheep. they need marketing. to catfish. what they call a catfish oversight program. i have no no ideidea, but catfi watching you to kohn. it's a plan which means it is going to cost you that kocotton shirt off your back. that could go on to millions more for the maple syrup industry, olive oil industry.
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>> god forbid. >> preferential treatment for rieg growers, sugarcane growers, alfalfa growers. whatever you grow, the government's got your back and now that a lot of states are legalizing pot, what could be next? >> the 100 millionion to grow maple syrup, that really blows my mind. what could they tell us about that that we don't already know? >> it's sweet. >> it's a classic. a lot of times we have to come back and say to a certain degree this is the voter's fault. we send people to washington, d.c. to loot the joint. when they come back and can't tell us they found a bridge to nowhere -- >> they're fine by their goodies. >> this is why rand paul resonates with so many people. he called them out immediately on it. you know, we said it passed easily. >> you know why? there are so many democrats and
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-- >> when you put it on the farmer's bill, food bill, whatever you want to call it -- >> right. nobody will vote against it because it's like we're against the farmer, number one, and, number two, this is how you sneak in the handouts of your constitue constituents. by the way, i can explain the catfish office by the way. the inspections are moving it from the fda into the agriculture department. the concern is this is going to limit imports of catfish to other places so we're going to have to pay more for catfish. >> how do the catfish feel about it? >> they don't care. they're bottom feeders. they relaid to washington because they're all bottom feeders. >> boo. adam, in this environment, whether you can say this is important, there is this other little detail that we're flat broke. i can onto think the major high
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priority super spending needs should be addressed. even then we're putting it all on credit. as much as they remind me of the importance of the catfish thing, i guess we can say there's a separate provision carved out for goats, i think now is not the time. that's all i'm saying. >> the good news there is over the long hall, this bill does increase spending. >> no, no, no. careful. it decreases the rate of increased spending. >> okay. fair enough. >> that's a savings, by the way. >> as a matter of fact, charles, you're going to love this. >> at mitt it. >> no. i think it's silly that we have federally sponsored crop insurance. those private companies should provide crop insurance if crop insurance is a good idea. this is not going away. >> but it should go away. >> why have we done this -- a segment of this on tv has been done a lot of times. why is that? it gets to your point.
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al doma toes get in there. rand pauls get in there. >> charlie, adam made a good point. a lot of these are price guarantees. guaranteed profits for a lot of the industry. no matter what your fears are, we will guarantee a profit for you. if they all had the same guarantee -- >> it's all about lobbying and the impact of lobbying. it gets down to the voter. the voters keep putting it in. >> where's -- i don't know. where is ailalfalfa, by the way? >> farmers go back and say look what we got. >> you say it's going get worse. >> we'll be doing this segment every year. >> i want to thank you both. up next, another up and down week for stocks. people are very confused.
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all right. stocks that pay you no matter what. >> you can make money on the dividends and i think the stock goes higher as well. >> adam, what do you think of that? >> perfectly good picked great company, but, you know, very risky because it's depending on the gloel economic recovery, competition. there's a lost risks with boeing. >> what are you doings these days, adam. >> sdy which is the s&p dividend-paying etf. you know, this is a much safer way to take a risk in the markets because you're going to get it. it's far more prudent way of playing the market than a one pick like bowing. >> that's a conservative way. >> it's a conservative way. if you want to be a little less prue department, go my way.
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>> what you're saying is, nice, but i'll see you at the finish line. gentlemen, i want to thank you both. the place for business, it's fox. no one, no one anywhere on the planet comes close. how is it the president of the united states -- >> they requested every facebook and twitter i ever posted there's lies upon lies in this ugly episode. >> i still have not been contacted by the fbi. >> h 1 witnesses haven't been interviewed including two here right now. >> are you going to away with this? >> conservatives not happy. they still don't have answers about the irs scandal and taxpayers may not be happy when they hear this. in the middle of all this scandal, the irs is standing out more than $60 million in bonuses to its workers, but should it?


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